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PSA Oxygen Plant
3A Sanai Health PSA Oxygen Plant is purposely designed to concentrated oxygen from the ambient air for hospital use. With the PSA approach, our oxygen plants can produce 94% of pure oxygen with a deviation of about 3%. Subsequent pressure is achieved with decompression of the produced concentrated air type.
The Pressure Swing Adsorption technique implies the fundamental principle of air separation with the help of zeolite. Zeolite adsorbs the nitrogen gas at a greater pace leaving behind a rich stream of oxygen.
We are very open to offering individual plant customization, and this will totally depend on your needs.
  • Up to 94% purified oxygen for multiple patients simultaneously
  • Much reliable for up to a 1000 bed hospital
  • Allows rapid startup
  • Fully automated
  • High-pressure output
  • Unattended operation
  • Life-long supportive installation
  • Oxygen plants have always been known to cut down the refilling and transportation costs
  • Requires only one-time installation and investment

Product Specifications
Product Name PSA Oxygen Plant
Model LFY-30A
Instrument Classification Class II
Type High Pressure Output 10L
Power Supply Mode Plug-in
Power Supply 110V – 220V
Material Metal, Plastic, Steel
Working Capacity Non-stop 24 hours
After-sale Service Online technical support
Safety Standard GB 15979-2002
Quality Certification CE
Size 640 x 340 x 656mm
Weight 90kg
Warranty One-year Parts and Service Warranty