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Oxygen Inhaler Pressure Regulator

Oxygen Inhaler Pressure Regulator w/ Humidifier Bottle

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Either it’s a chronic respiratory disease or hypertension-associated breathing comorbidities, an oxygen inhaler pressure regulator is necessary to meet the required doses. 
These regulators are connected to high-pressure medical gas cylinders and are laser etched that prevents the risk of rubber flaking and rub-off. It allows better control of the oxygen delivery and also detects the fault oxygen leakage within a space. These regulators serve as a basic needed product in the medical and emergency compartments.
  • Provides maximum safety and precision
  • Aluminum construct won’t allow the regulator to rust
  • Gauge protector prevent it from further damage
  • Use mainly in a health care setting
Product Specifications
Flow Range:   1-15/min, 1-10/Min (optional)
Input Pressure:
   <150 Bar
Output Pressure:
   2 Bar - 3 Bar
Control Pressure of Safety Valve:
  3.5 + 0.5 Bar