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3 LPM Oxygen Concentrator

3 LPM Oxygen Concentrator, Single Outlet (PSA 3000)

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3 LPM Oxygen concentrator device draws in air from the environment and purifies it through the molecular sieve bed to provide a concentrated air supply of 3 liters per minute.
Utilizing a process known as power swing technology, this oxygen concentrator can purify oxygen up to 96%. Generally, this 3 LPM oxygen concentrator consumes less power supply when compared to the 10 LPM and 5 LPM models.  Hence, this one is suitable for homecare with a single flow.  
  • PSA 3000 technology purifies the air up to 96%
  • Fully automated technology
  • Associated with an oxygen monitor that signals an alarm when the oxygen concentrator is below the preset levels.
  • Operates 24/7
  • Blended oxygen resuscitation facility to prevent toxicity
  • Intelligent self-diagnosis system: Alarms for low concentration, high and low pressure, and power failure
  • The efficient 3-grade filter keeps away most impurities and bacteria.
  • One Year Parts and Service Warranty

Product Specifications
Product Name 3 LPM Oxygen Concentrator, Single Outlet
Model PSA 3000
Instrument Classification Class II, Type B
Flow Rate 3L and 5L/minute (switchable)
Flowmeter None
Oxygen Concentration  90% @ 3LPM,  60% @ 5LPM
Sound Level 50 dB(A)
Timer 30, 60, 90, 120 mins
Voltage/Frequency 220V/50Hz, 11-V/50Hz, 230V/Hz
Power Consumption 350W
Working Capacity Non-stop 24 hours
Outlet Pressure 0.03 -0.07 Mpa
Working Temperature 5°C - 40°C
Machine Size 443 x 238 x 587mm
Carton Dimensions 508 x 289 x 693mm
Net weight 24kg
Gross weight 27kg
Accessories Nasal cannula, connecting pipe, spare filter, humidifier bottle, remote controller, non-contact inhaler
Warranty One-year Parts and Service Warranty