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3 LPM Oxygen Concentrator
With advanced platinum electrodes for the purpose of electrolysis, this H2 oxygen generator is a state-of-the-art production of its time.
It adopts the latest PEM-EMA technology for the electrolysis of pure water to produce H2 and oxygen gas in proportion. Usually, 600ml of H2 gas is produced per minute. This allows 8 hours constant run per day.
It allows one to breathe in oxygen and H2 at the same time because both of these gases are associated with boosting immunity and are also known to offer better defenses against invading diseases. H2 helps the patients improve their lungs’ oxygen absorbing ability and help the patient get oxygen into the blood.
  • 99.996% pure H2 supply
  • Allows 8 hours continuous use
  • Intelligent and safe alarming functions
  • Reliable waterway and electric circuit separation
  • 3000ml capacity
  • Allows breathing H2 and O2 simultaneously
  • An aluminum body ensures durability
  • Inert Platinum electrode allows life-long electrolysis within the converter